Paul Bradley

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March 2024

Man stood in front of a blackboard full of technical drawings and notes

Started a new project FoxGate Software and started making notes about the first endeavour an open-source clinical document archive. Started working on the HL7 message parsing module using this HL7 Go library. The average message parse time is around 160 micro seconds, so the system will be able to scale handling thousands of messages per seconds.

I’m a big fan of SQLite and I need to find time to review Turso, SQLite for production. Turso looks interesting and is certainly something that I could use for non critical projects.

On the 21st I went to a talk given by the Brampton Historical Group about the effects of the Spanish Flu to residents in around Cumbria. It was very good and I learned a lot. The group holds a talk every 3rd Thursday of the month at Brampton Community Centre.


In the 16th, we competed in the North of England Brass Band Championships of Great Britain in Durham. We were delighted to have been placed 2nd, which means we’re off to Cheltenham in September to play in the Nationals.

Penrith Town Band in Durham



Still reading Craig A. Falconer’s The Earthburst Saga


Still listening listening to the Aeon 14 series by M. D. Cooper. Narrated by Khristine Hvam it’s a good listen and I’m totally hooked on the story.

Also listened to the Uncanny Valley podcast. When anyone asks Audrey why she moved to Alaska, she tells them for a fresh start. But a lot of the people in Alaska are hiding from something. And Audrey is no different. When she journeyed to Alaska, she found something even more dangerous. Maybe we feel the uncanny valley because long ago, we had to fear something that pretended to be human.

Listened to the The Sisters. In present-day Philadelphia, Frankie Bradshaw, curator of the Mutter Museum, receives an anonymous, mysterious skeleton and begins to investigate its origins. It’s very good.


By writing down what I watch I can review how much TV I consume. It’s shocking, but here is the list for March: