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February 2024 - HTMX History - KVM Switch

Man stood in front of a blackboard full of technical drawings and notes

I took my youngest to an art class where we drew with colored pencils on black paper. I like working on black paper, I think the results are classy when done well.

HTMX History

One of my projects went into production this month. The application makes use of HTMX for interactive elements. The client noticed that one part of the application would benefit from the back button being supported. Luckily, the fix was easy. The hx-push-url attribute allows you to push a URL into the browser location history. This creates a new history entry, allowing navigation with the browser’s back and forward buttons.

1<div hx-get="/account" hx-push-url="true">
2  Go to My Account

KVM Switch - Godsend

I don’t frequently purchase new technology and tend to repurpose old equipment where possible. For example, I use an old Mac mini running Ubuntu Linux as my main development computer. However, I need to use a Windows laptop for work, and I’ve been switching the HDMI cable and keyboard/mouse USB cables between the two machines for months, depending on what I’m working on.

I finally relented and purchased a HDMI KVM Switch, and it’s been a godsend. It’s so easy to switch between the two computers, sharing the same monitor and keyboard. The device I chose has four USB ports on the front, so I have a spare slot for my yubi key, which can now be shared between the two computers.



Reading Craig A. Falconer’s The Earthburst Saga


Still listening listening to the Aeon 14 series by M. D. Cooper. Narrated by Khristine Hvam it’s a good listen and I’m totally hooked on the story.


By writing down what I watch I can review how much TV I consume. It’s shocking, but here is the list for February: