Paul Bradley

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January 2024

Man stood in front of a blackboard full of technical drawings and notes

This month I started a full-stack development position which will see me getting more involved in front-end development.

Here are some of the solutions I created:

I had a need to install the dotnet sdk 8.0 on my Ubuntu development machine so that I could re-compile/build a .NET 5 project to use the .NET 8.0 Long Term Support runtime.




Still reading Welcome to the Silent Zone.


Still listening to Hell Divers book 6 Allegiance, although I have paused it after starting listening to the Aeon 14 series by M. D. Cooper. Narrated by Khristine Hvam it’s a good listen and I’m totally hooked on the story.


By writing down what I watch I can review how much TV I consume. It’s shocking, but here is the list for January: