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July 2023

Skelton Show and Durham Miners Gala

Durham Miners Gala

On the 9th of July I supported my wife who took part in Aquasphere Epic Lakes Swim Derwent Water. Her first open water race, a mile circuit around Derwent Water. On the way back we stopped off at Rheged for lunch.

The 11th was our wedding anniversary. Fourteen years.

I learnt a couple of new git commands:

# check if local branch is in sync with origin
git status -uno

# make a local branch track the origin branch
git branch -u origin/development development

I’ve started getting into using Github Actions for some of my projects. I’m hooked on them. Wish I’d started using them much earlier, I’d have saved myself time. I’ve started writing my most used Github workflow patterns

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database

I started to investigate if Amazon’s Quantum Ledger Database would be a good data repository for audit data records. To hold audit data records in a vault.

It’s immutable and transparent – The journal is append-only, meaning that data can only be added to a journal and it cannot be overwritten or deleted.

It’s cryptographically verifiable – Amazon QLDB uses cryptography to create a concise summary of your data. This secure summary, commonly known as a digest, is generated using a cryptographic hash function which acts as a proof of your data’s change history.

It seems to have the qualities I need for an audit repository. I just need to do further testing to see how quickly it can return records for a given sub-set of audit ID’s.


On the 1st the band played at Skelton Show which has been running since the late 1800’s and has grown from a small local show held in the village to one of the major agricultural shows in Cumbria.

On the 8th the band participated in Durham Miners Gala. The weather was hot and humid, which made the march difficult. Went for a spot of lunch at Hotel Indigo during the break. I noticed someone looking at me and it turned out they were sketching me



Still reading book two in the series The Living.


Still listening book 11, Brushfire


By writing down what I watch I can review how much TV I consume. It’s shocking, but here is the list for July: