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Ongoing | September 2022

midjourney ai - a human made out of fire

September 2022

It’s been a busy month at work. I’ve been working on integrating my clinical application into 240 GP surgeries. It will make a real difference to patient care, allowing GPs to see information from secondary and social care.

This month I got hooked on AI-generated artwork. My son and I started playing with MidJourney, which is addictive. I’ve signed up for the monthly plan so my son and I can generate 200+ images monthly. I’m using it to generate hero images for my blog posts. The image of the human figure on fire above exemplifies what MidJourney can produce.

I wrote a couple of longer blog posts this month. Firstly, I wrote a how-to guide on using SQLite to generate documentation . If you’re looking to improve web application performance, then look at implementing session storage with JavaScript

Nobody seems to bother validating the HTML documents they produce. At one time, in the distance past, it was a thing that all developers did. I checked mine this month using the w3c validator and noticed there were a couple of mistakes in my base template. Those have now been fixed so my blog engine should be producing valid markup.

At band we’ve been rehearsing the Overture to the opera Nabucco and I love it.


This month I learned that when provisioning an AWS EC2 instance with Terraform, the root_block_device doesn’t get the default tags assigned to it. The missing tags resulted in the volumes not being included in the cost reports. The pattern below was how I fixed this:

data "aws_default_tags" "app-server-a" {}

tags = merge(, {
    Name = "${var.name_prefix}_app_server_volume"



Still reading and enjoying the 5th book in the Wings of War series, Of Sand and Snow