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Hi, my name is Paul Bradley. I’ve spent thirty years developing software for a wide variety of organisations. I plan to create and post motivational and educational content for developers on this website. The content will hopefully inspire and teach with a deep understanding.


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Creating custom DNS entries within AWS VPC’s
09.Dec.2019 — Setting up custom DHCP options set to define new DNS servers.

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Extracting and Parsing image EXIF data using Go
29.Nov.2019 — Example Go code to extract the EXIF meta data from a JPEG photograph and parse the JSON results.


Managing monitors using the XRANDR command on Linux
28.Nov.2019 — How to use the xrandr command on Linux to change the default monitor and change a monitors brightness.

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Port forwarding Windows RDP traffic via SSH
12.Nov.2019 — How to use SSH to tunnel RDP traffic from localhost to a remote server via a bastion server.

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Tagging & Indexing Digital Photographs
12.Nov.2019 — A series looking at developing an indexer and web application in Go to tag large photo albums.

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Send SMS text messages using Go & Twillio
05.Nov.2019 — A look at how to write a Go web client to send an SMS message through the Twillio API.

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Using Google Chrome's Socks5 Proxy
03.Nov.2019 — Using SSH tunnels and Google Chrome's socks proxy to access services within a secure virtual private cloud.


Using SQLite to generate test data
01.Nov.2019 — A couple of SQL examples which generate test data for typical interview coding challenges.


Checking if Go program is running within Docker
04.Mar.2019 — A simple technique to determine if a Go program is running within a Docker container.


Programmatically closing open files, Windows
04.Mar.2019 — How to close open files on a Windows server.


Publishing a book with LaTex & LuLu
15.Feb.2019 — How I took existing articles and published them into an A4 book.

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Using AI to comprehend documents
15.Feb.2019 — Example Go code for interacting with Amazon’s Medical Comprehend AI API

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Uploading files to AWS S3 using Go
07.Jan.2019 — Example code for uploading files to Amazon’s S3 service. The article covers the different storage classifications and tagging.


In February I started writing short stories while sat waiting to pick my sons up from swimming. So far I’ve written two that I’m prepared to share. Adam and Air Hotel 3000.

Outside Work

I’m budding cornet musician.

When not working I like to be outside doing something active. Anything from cycling to skiing, from climbing to rafting.

Paul Bradley on via ferrata in France

I’ve taken up the hobby of pencil sketching, I’m not very good but I’ve posted some of the better ones.